Hello my beautiful M&M’s,

I am a Bachelor graduate from Communication Studies at Concordia and a graduate from Graphic Communications at Champlain College. I am very proud to say these are the achievements that I’ve done so far, and I am sure there’s more to come!

I live in a beautiful city called Montreal; a city that is multicultural and artsy-fartsy! When I’m out in the area, I’m always looking for a good restaurant to try new food, having a drink or simply having some “me-time” and doodling at a coffee shop. I’m just crazy about food; if only I could marry food, I would totally do it!

I am the kind of person who likes to discover things and is not afraid to try and share the experience. I’m not really a party gal, I rather sit on a terrasse and have a drink while enjoying the atmosphere.

I’m more of an introvert, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a social life! I like to catch up with friends and attend to various events. Yet, most of the time I rather have more of a ‘me-time’ and self-reflect while doing things I love to do: gaming, listening to music, designing, visual arts, make-up, nail art, yoga, and other little ‘solo’ activities. I just enjoy silence, that’s all. But beware! Sometimes my energy gets too contained and I release them and go cray cray and all hyper. Although only to those who I am comfortable with will see this side of me. I’m a mystery & weird! 😉

I’m the kind of person who lives in the present. Some say it might not necessarily be a good thing because I don’t plan thing for the future… but I always find things are a lot clearer as I walk towards them (Yes.. I am a confused kid!)

As I move on with time, I discover new things and maybe discovering myself as well. I’m looking forward to learn new things through this blog and have fun!



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