Hey y’all!!

I’m a born and raised Montrealer, which makes me a typical city gal. I love the vibe of the city and you can always find me around downtown, either snapping pictures, having drinks on a terrasse or trying a new restaurant.

I would define myself as a deeply passionate person: I either LOVE or HATE something. I have numerous obsessions, such as makeup, shoes, coffee, cats, etc., which are keeping me busy. I have a bachelor in communication studies, and a diploma in makeup which makes me a certified MUA. I am also an amateur photographer and I love to write (that one’s obvious!)

I am also a serial multitasker: I can do 10 things at once, while my brain is constantly thinking about a gazillion other things. It never shuts off, but at least, I get things done pretty quickly!!

Because my social life is one of my priorities, I am constantly trying to stay up to date with my friends’ crazy lives. Girls night out/in is my favourite time of the week, because spending quality time and being there for my closest friends is what makes me genuinely happy.

Defining who I am is not an easy task to do because I’m a mystery even to myself, and I try to figure it out a little bit more every day. It’s part of the fun!



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