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YOUTUBE Tutorial: 4 Techniques for Cleaning Your Brushes

Cleaning brushes is a task that we often postpone, but it needs to be done, and for good reasons! We offer a few tips and explain 4 different techniques to wash brushes!

Winter Beauty Routine Caudalie Origins Bobbi Brown Blistex

Cold Weather Beauty Routine

Baby it’s cold outside! But no worries beautybabes, we can brave the cold and still look gorgeous! Winter can be pretty rough for our skin: constantly chapped lips, cracked skin all over the body, etc. And winter in Canada is, let’s face it, brutal, dry and never ending… Which is why it is essential to change your beauty routine once the first snowflakes appear. Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and glowy all winter long. Because the secret to great skin is to take good care of it, all the time.

Use Mangoes To Keep Your Feet Nice & Fresh For This Summer

Yeah thats right, use your mangoes to clean your feet! When you eat your mangoes, don’t waste those peels because they are useful to clean all the dead skin. The acid of the fruit helps to get rid of the dead skin. You only need to rub it on and wait for 1 or 2 minutes and rinse it off. Now you won’t have smelly feet! You can always use the peels on your arms and legs to have smoother skin!