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Our new Fashionable Frames by Firmoo

What’s the best accessory to pair with a gorgeous makeup or a fresh face? It probably is a nice pair of glasses, right? The colour and the shape of your frames change your face and your style symbiotically with your makeup (or no makeup!). To help us see crystal clear in style, Firmoo send us each a pair of glasses of our choice in exchange for an honest review*. Advertisements

summer 2016 sunglasses collection montreal canada reflective pink blue grey brown glasses

Summer 2016 Addiction: Sunglasses

I don’t know but there’s something in the air that made me obsessed with sunglasses this year! Last year was makeup… I’ve never been shopping for sunglasses so much. Whenever I go shopping, the sunglasses rack is a stop that I need to check out when I am in a shop. Before, when I was younger, I didn’t like to wear sunglasses because I always wear reading glasses and I was shy to be too bold with the sunglasses. Although this year, my mind completely changed by 180 degrees about sunglasses. I just feel a lot more confident when wearing them and they are a piece of accessories that speaks for the feeling I have on that day. So here in this post, I would like to share with you my sunglasses 2016 collection!

Naturana Canada Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit review one piece 2016 beach outfit

My Beach Outfit ft. Naturana Canada Swimsuit | Review

Hello y’all, It is finally getting warmer and warmer and I am very excited for summer already, I am sure you are too! *Read till the end because we have a coupon code for you!! I just can’t wait to soak up the sun this summer! I recently received the Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit from Naturana Canada by mail. I really LOVE the design of this suit! It is very cute and simple. I think the style is quite unique and you can’t find it at any store.

What’s in my Luggage? VEGAS Edition

You guys!! ❤ It’s such a relief to finally have time to post something on the blog! This semester has been excruciating and I’m more than glad that it’s (almost) over. I decided I needed a well-deserved vacation and guess what: I’m going to LAS VEGAS! This is my first going to LV and it will be the most southern city I will have visited… Also, I haven’t been in the States in 6-7 years… Can you believe it!! It’s time to glam up my life 😉 On my itinerary: exploring the Strip, having drinks to celebrate the end of semester and all the hard work done, seeing TONS of shows, doing a little shopping, exploring the desert, trying my luck at the casinos, and hopefully doing a little tanning, because the long winter in Montreal has left me with a ghost-white body 😉 I wanted to share with you my excitement, and I thought you may be curious about the content of my luggage… Here it is! Outfit #1:   Outfit #2: Cosmetics-wise, it is better …

Style SO Original is a Feast for the Eyes

We were very pleased and honoured to be invited to Style SO Original‘s pop-up shop on Thursday, November 7th. We were welcomed by the lovely owner, Marie-Claude, who introduced us to the concept of the brand. As we discovered the many treasures in the store, we learned about the brand’s unique and ethical vision, which made us fall in love with Style SO Original.