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Buying a Foundation with Sephora’s Color IQ Without Test Swatch

For those who don't know, there's an iPad and a skin tone detector at the Sephora store for you to determine your skin colour. After scanning your face with that device, the clever Sephora will save your result into your account and match you with all the possible foundations on their site. Hurray for technology for making our shopping life easier than ever and saving my lazy ass too! In fact, I personally do not like to shop at the store, I feel too overwhelmed and shopping online is a lot more resourceful! Without doing test swatches at the Sephora store, I directly ordered a foundation from their site to see whether the Color IQ is really that intelligent.

Kat Von D’s Studded Liptick vs. Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovecraft | Which One is Better?

So! Kat Von D released some new liquid lipsticks during spring and she has been teasing us on Instagram with all the new colours. A lot of them are in the cool tones with a few crazy colours. For this new everlasting liquid lipsticks collection, it happened that she came out with a shade called “Lovecraft” which was the same name as one of the shades in the Studded Lipstick line. It also happens that I own that studded lipstick and it is my ultimate favourite go-to lipstick for everyday looks.   And I was crazy enough about the shade and wanted to see how it would look in a liquid lipstick form. In this post, I will focus less on the review part but I just wanted to do a comparison of both products. I thought it would be fun to write it about my thoughts. To be honest, I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks since the beginning. I just think they were over hyped. Every single company came out with a line …

Boxycharm | June 2017 Edition

Time for June’s Boxycharm! This box wasn’t planned (talking like it was an accident), well sort-of. May’s was supposed to be my last box but since I kind of forgot to unsubscribe at the end of the month, when I remembered to cancel it I started considering to maybe keep it for another 3 months. It’s actually a great subscription box but by the end of 6 boxes, I think I will have enough makeup for 6 other girls! So this month’s box… I wasn’t as impressed as the last one, to be honest. One thing’s for sure, I am super happy to get the Realher’s Playbook eyeshadow palette I – Be your own kind of beauty. It was the highlight of the box for me. Realher’s no.1 Playbook eyeshadow palette, $28.00: You either get palette number 1, 2 or 3. The no.1 is a very neutral brown palette. It carries a lot of shimmer shadows and 2 satin finish (Strong & Smart). You can do a lot of smoky looks with this one. The pigmentation is ok …

BOXYCHARM | May 2017 Edition

Allowing yourself to try something new without you wanting it, well… it’s a good thing. This is one of the perks from subscribing to a subscription box. This month’s box is definitely a box where most of them items I don’t normally use or never thought I would use. However, I must say this month is very similar to last ones. The product theme is almost the same (read last month’s post here.). Even though they are alike, these ones are not the ordinary everyday things, at least not for me, that I would use or purchase. Here is what I got: Highlight & Contour Palette by IBY Beauty (full size $40.00): the palette reminds me a lot of the Kat Von D’s or Anastasia Beverley Hill’s contour palettes. It has 6 matte shades, they are smooth and pigmented. The packaging is super nice, it almost has a luxury feel and it also comes with a large good quality mirror. I personally would never use matte to highlight, but at least I get to try it! Round Contour …

Melrika Blog Youtube | Unicorn Look ft. KVD’s Pastel Goth Palette

Hi luvs! If you are the kind of person who likes to wear colours, you will love this palette. If you are the kind of person who likes to play with colours, you will surely love this palette! Usually, people would use a neutral transition Usually, people would use a neutral transition eyeshadow when starting their eye makeup, but you can basically use any colour from the palette to start your eye look. The shade selection is well curated because they are colours that go well with one another. So basically you can combine any of them and create different eye looks. The shadows are very pigmented and very blendable. I mean.. it’s Kat Von D, her products are always the bomb! WHO DOESN’T LIKE UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS? Here is a cotton candy inspired unicorn look. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe ❤

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BOXYCHARM | April Edition 2017

Hello Friends, Here we are, another month has passed, and a brand new Boxycharm’s April edition arrived in my mailbox. This month’s theme is Boho Glow and it will definitely make you summer ready! Once you open it, first thing in the box (I assume everyone’s boxes are packed the same way) is Pür Cosmetics Blend Squad. It is a pack of 3 makeup sponges for blending your contour. I tried to wet one of them, it expanded to almost twice the size and it became very squishy but firm. It also has a slanted side which is convenient for blending out concealer under your eye, or it is also good for a “sharp” baking as well. Ofra Highlighter in the shade Rodeo Drive, full sized. It is pretty exciting to get this in the box. Especially since Ofra has been widely talked about these days! Of course, for this boho glow theme, the highlighter is a golden champagne colour. It goes well with any skintone. If you have slightly tanned skin, it would look stunning! Hairgurt by Project …