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Boxycharm | June 2017 Edition

Time for June’s Boxycharm! This box wasn’t planned (talking like it was an accident), well sort-of. May’s was supposed to be my last box but since I kind of forgot to unsubscribe at the end of the month, when I remembered to cancel it I started considering to maybe keep it for another 3 months. It’s actually a great subscription box but by the end of 6 boxes, I think I will have enough makeup for 6 other girls! So this month’s box… I wasn’t as impressed as the last one, to be honest. One thing’s for sure, I am super happy to get the Realher’s Playbook eyeshadow palette I – Be your own kind of beauty. It was the highlight of the box for me. Realher’s no.1 Playbook eyeshadow palette, $28.00: You either get palette number 1, 2 or 3. The no.1 is a very neutral brown palette. It carries a lot of shimmer shadows and 2 satin finish (Strong & Smart). You can do a lot of smoky looks with this one. The pigmentation is ok …

Birthstone Beauty July Edition Ruby

Birthstone Beauty: July Edition

July’s birthstone is the ruby, and is said to guarantee many great things such as success in love. Maybe that’s why red is associated to love, and why red lips are so fascinating… More info about the gem here. Image from here. For this look I was inspired by 1950’s Hollywood glam, which is what a ruby makes me think of. I adapted the look to the season: dewey skin, matte eyeshadows, etc. Overall, it’s a minimalist look, with a strong focus on the ruby-coloured lips. It is very easy to recreate, and any woman, no matter her age, can pull off this look. I think every woman should focus on her most beautiful/favourite assets when doing her makeup. For this look, the lips are very bright, but the bold brows are also very present and the skin is very natural-looking. Eyes: After applying primer on my lids, I used MAC’ eyeshadow in “brulé” all over the lid.  I then applied different eyeshadows from Smashbox’s On the Rocks palette: “marzipan” as a highlight on the brow bone, …

Birthstone Beauty June Alexandrite

Birthstone Beauty: June Edition

June is a special month because it has three birthstones: the pearl, the moonstone and the alexandrite. For this makeup look, I was mostly inspired by the alexandrite, a very rare gem that has a particular feature: it changes colour depending on the lighting, going from a bluish-green in daylight, to a purplish-red in incandescent light. More info here.   Image from here. For this makeup look, I decided to play with shimmery and metallic textures, and I used mostly bluish and purple tones. I love the combination of blue and purple on the eyes: it gives a summer vibe to the whole look.   Eyes: From Smashbox’s On The Rocks palette, I used the eyeshadows “Snow” all over the lid, “Peacock” in the center, and “Sapphires” in the outer corner and in the crease. I lined my lid with Sephora’s “matte turquoise” eye pencil. On the waterline is MakeUpForEver’s Lip Liner Concealer in “no 100”. I lined under the eyes using MakeUpForEver’s eyeshadow in “I-922” and Smashbox’s eyeshadow in “Lilac”. On the brow bone is Smashbox’s eyeshadow in …

Birthstone Beauty Emerald May Edition

Birthstone Beauty: May Edition

Ahhh May! My favourite month and such a busy month too: Melissa’s Bday, my own bday (YAAS), and the blog’s bday (see our exciting giveaway)!! I was so excited to create the makeup look using this month’s birthstone because I looove emerald green! Also, the emerald is a symbol of youth and rebirth, and promises good luck. What’s not to love about emeralds? More info here. Image from here. After creating “crazy” looks for the past few Birthstone Beauty looks, I decided to create a more “wearable” look for you guys! So no green lips, and no green blush 😉 I went for a very easy green smokey eye, which I paired with glossy burgundy lips. This look reminds me of autumn, and even though summer hasn’t arrived yet, I have to admit that I long for september and its long, sunny days and cool nights. Eyes: I applied MakeUpForEver’s eyeshadow in “ME304” all over the lid. I then applied L’Oréal’s Ultra concentrated eyeshadow in “Emerald Lame”. In the crease and as a transition colour, I used MAC’s eyeshadow …

Birthstone Beauty April Edition

Birthstone Beauty: April Edition

Hi loves! Wow, I can’t believe how LATE this post is… And can you believe it was really close to never being created? April has by far been the craziest month in my life this year, with the end of semester, having to do more hours at work, going to Vegas (want to know what I bought to Vegas? click here!), and of course, being VERY sick after all this stress… Well, here it is: the birthstone beauty makeup look for the month of April, inspired by the diamond! This birthstone comes in an array of colours, but the coloured ones are more rare than the colourless ones. More info here. Image from here. For this month’s look, I wanted to create something very shimmery, but not too unnatural. The looked came out very fresh-looking, almost bridal, but with a definitely futuristic edge to it. The secret to this look is a natural-looking and glowy foundation, shimmery eyeshadows and “wet looking” brows. Reminder: the Birthstone Beauty series is meant to inspire you to play around with …

March Birthstone Beauty

Birthstone Beauty: March Edition

This month’s birthstone is the aquamarine, which signifies calmness and level-headedness. It it most often light in tone, and can be greenish-blue to blue-green. More info here. Image from here. When I first started experimenting with makeup as a child, I loved to apply my mom’s light blue eyeshadow all over my lids. I could have recreated that look for this month’s edition of the Birthstone Beauty, but nah. I decided to go for a look that’s a little creepy (sorry!), and that is inspired by the 1960’s, a broken doll and a robotic woman. Honestly, I went out of my comfort zone makeup-wise, and just let my creativity go crazy. I hope you like it!

Soft Purple Eyes & Bold Magenta Lips – Valentine’s Day MOTD

Yay! Today is the day of the year to celebrate L-O-V-E! So what did you plan for today? Are you having a hot date tonight? A cozy day with your other half? Or celebrating single awareness day with your girl friends? I came up with a makeup look for any of these occasions. It features a soft electric smokey purple eye look with a thick eyeliner and with a bold coloured lip. You simply need to change up your outfit and accessories and your look changes completely to another mood! Rock on girl!