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Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review

#SupportLocalBusinesses: Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Melrika reviews three Maison Jacynthe makeup items: highlighter in “soleil pétillant”, lipstick in “grenat”, and nail polish in “venezia”.

Shop Miss A Makeup Nails Haul

Obsessed With: !

Last month we have discovered a very COOL site where you can buy makeup, accessories, makeup tools, nail polishes, all those goodies that fall under the beauty umbrella for 1$ USD. Yes, 1 DOLLARRR! So basically, around 1,30$ CAD. And also we call it a double haul because we both purchased things separately from ShopMissA. We have already tried out a few things and we will leave our review on different posts, so stay tuned! Before starting off talking about the things we bought, here are some of our thoughts on general points:

neon yellow neon green line nail art china glaze trip of a lime time

Neon Yellow Green Minimal Line Nail Art | NOTD

It’s time for…. a NOTD post! Fall is almost here in 20 something days and, of course, we need a neon coloured nail art to complete the season before welcoming the warm brown, orange season! When it comes to neon colours, I really like to use black as an accent colour. The black brings out the brightness of the colour and it also makes a really nice defined contrast between both shades.

sephora vib tote bag 2016 nail art

NOTD Sephora VIB Gold Paint | Youtube Tutorial

It’s time for a new video! This is the blog’s very first nail tutorial! We hope you enjoy the tutorial, if you did, please give a thumbs up. It will mean a lot to us! So what triggered us to make this tutorial? Back in September 2015, Marika and I went to the Sephora’s VIB sale event. When you make a purchase, they give you a reusable tote bag with their black and white stripe with gold paint dripping from the top.

Melrika Blog vacation post

Melrika Blog Is Going On Vacation For 2 Weeks!

Hello fellow readers! It’s summer, it’s warm, we all want to soak up the sun! So, as the title suggests, the blog will be on vacation for 2 full weeks! Summer, here we come! We are sure to miss you guys and also blogging! but stay tuned because after this break, we will have more interesting posts and videos coming up for you! The team wish you all have a wonderful summer and we will see you after July 5th! Marika & Melissa -x0x-

June Birthstone Beauty: Pearl | #NOTD

Oh hell yas! Finally June but also it means half a year has gone by and summer is passing in 2 months. – Well at least in Canada! But it’s ok, most important part is we just have to enjoy every single day of it with a good cocktail in our hands! June has 3 stones, pearl, moonstone and Alexandrite. Boy, that Alexandrite though.. prett-eh! Not quite sure why it has 3 for the month, probably because it’s a month in the middle of the year or because pearl is not really considered as a gem? Anyways, I like all 3 of them! For this month’s NOTD, I got inspired by the pearl. When I think of pearl, I just sense this very feminine, girly, sophisticated, soft vibe from this. So this nail art features a girly matte baby ombre pink quilted leather pattern and with black 3D bow and rose gold sparkle as accent nail. This is my very first time trying quilted leather matte nail, so it’s not as perfect and symmetric, but …

Emerald nail art for May Birthstone Beauty

May Birthstone Beauty: Emerald | #NOTD

When I think of May’s birthstone colour, emerald, the first thing that comes to my mind is a magical forest. With lots of fairy lights, magical animals and mysterious spirits. The magical forest also leads to a painting. I got no idea why, but I just associated to it. Maybe because a painting is one of the ways to bring our imagination to life. Ah, you see, magical forest > imagination > painting? Yes, I know you get what I mean 😉

“Get Ready with Us” + GIVEAWAY! | YouTube

Hellllllooooo!! We are so excited because TODAY, is our 1 year anniversary!! And yes we are still alive! Without your support and the inpiration you gave us, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you! To celerbrate our 1 year old baby, we prepared a small giveaway! To enter: 1. Like our Facebook page 2. Like the pinned to top post with the get ready video of the page 3. Tag a friend! Very simple! Thank you so much for supporting us 😀 *The giveaway is only open to Canadian Resident. In the future, we hope to have a bigger giveaway and open to more place! Now let’s get ready with us!! It’s valid from May 21 to May 28, 2016 @ 12pm EST.    

March Birthstone Beauty | Aquamarine #NOTD

Hello guys! Wow it’s already March, time sure flies! So this month’s birthstone is the aquamarine. The turquoise colour is my favourite colour besides purple. This colour is just so pretty. When I look at it, it just absorbs my attention and it’s so meditating and soothing. Do you have a colour that makes you feel like that?? It’s as if the colour is trying to seduce you and make you fall in love with it. Alright.. going a bit sidetrack here but it’s just that I love the colour aquamarine/turquoise so much! How do you feel about your favourite colour? Anyways, back to this month’s NOTD! If you say the word aquamarine, it makes me think of a mermaid; a mermaid’s tale. Probably because when I was young I watched the movie Aquamarine. A beautiful mermaid with a very pretty aqua-coloured tail! The movie was good 😉 So, yes, this NOTD! I got inspired by a mermaid’s tail. Shiny, simple, delicate and the beautiful sparkly sand of the shore!