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Our blog is now 2 years old!

Today, May 21st 2017, the blog hit 2 years old!

Shop Miss A Makeup Nails Haul

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Last month we have discovered a very COOL site where you can buy makeup, accessories, makeup tools, nail polishes, all those goodies that fall under the beauty umbrella for 1$ USD. Yes, 1 DOLLARRR! So basically, around 1,30$ CAD. And also we call it a double haul because we both purchased things separately from ShopMissA. We have already tried out a few things and we will leave our review on different posts, so stay tuned! Before starting off talking about the things we bought, here are some of our thoughts on general points:

June Birthstone Beauty: Pearl | #NOTD

Oh hell yas! Finally June but also it means half a year has gone by and summer is passing in 2 months. – Well at least in Canada! But it’s ok, most important part is we just have to enjoy every single day of it with a good cocktail in our hands! June has 3 stones, pearl, moonstone and Alexandrite. Boy, that Alexandrite though.. prett-eh! Not quite sure why it has 3 for the month, probably because it’s a month in the middle of the year or because pearl is not really considered as a gem? Anyways, I like all 3 of them! For this month’s NOTD, I got inspired by the pearl. When I think of pearl, I just sense this very feminine, girly, sophisticated, soft vibe from this. So this nail art features a girly matte baby ombre pink quilted leather pattern and with black 3D bow and rose gold sparkle as accent nail. This is my very first time trying quilted leather matte nail, so it’s not as perfect and symmetric, but …

Emerald nail art for May Birthstone Beauty

May Birthstone Beauty: Emerald | #NOTD

When I think of May’s birthstone colour, emerald, the first thing that comes to my mind is a magical forest. With lots of fairy lights, magical animals and mysterious spirits. The magical forest also leads to a painting. I got no idea why, but I just associated to it. Maybe because a painting is one of the ways to bring our imagination to life. Ah, you see, magical forest > imagination > painting? Yes, I know you get what I mean 😉

birthstone beauty february purple nail art Amethyst

Birthstone Beauty | NOTD: February Edition

Helloo guys! Gosh! sorry, this post is sooo overdoing! At least, we are still in February… right? Please accept my apologies, I’ll do better next month!  So, yes this month’s birthstone is the Amethyst! Following after Marika’s crazy look, I got inspired by the dark colours that were used. As I think of Amethyst, it reminds me of the sharp edges of the crystal. Giving a very venomous, mysterious impression but at the same time you feel a soft feeling from this crystal. So! For the NOTD, I decided to use black lined geometry shapes to represent the sharp edges of the gem and with a white to dark purple ombrĂ© as a background.

NOTD Dreamy Ombre Nails

Just another NOTD happening in this post!! After receiving my nail decor tape, I couldn’t help but to make something out of them! I was shopping the other day and saw this really nice poster at my local mall. And you know… dreamy themed colours are the trend right now. Disregarding of the season or the year! So I came up with this NOTD that I named Dreamy Ombre Nails. I absolutely love

Birthstone Beauty: January Edition

Hello darlings! If you are like us and have a thing for everything that GLITTERS, you probably like jewels. And who says jewels, says gemstones, and who says gemstones says… BIRTHSTONES!! That’s right! Every month for the following year, we will take inspiration from the month’s birthstone to create a makeup look and a nail design. We are suuuper excited and proud to share our concept with you, and we hope that it’ll inspire you too. Feel free to share your pictures! The birthstone for January is the garnet, which is a gemstone that signifies eternal friendship and trust. It comes in an array of colours, from deep red to vibrant green, though they are more commonly red. More info here. Image from: here I created 2 eye looks, one that is easily wearable on any occasion, and another one that is more extreme. Red isn’t the easiest colour to work with, especially on the eyes: it is highly pigmented and thus harder to blend. Warning: a few people have reactions to red pigments, so make sure …