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Boxycharm | June 2017 Edition

Time for June’s Boxycharm! This box wasn’t planned (talking like it was an accident), well sort-of. May’s was supposed to be my last box but since I kind of forgot to unsubscribe at the end of the month, when I remembered to cancel it I started considering to maybe keep it for another 3 months. It’s actually a great subscription box but by the end of 6 boxes, I think I will have enough makeup for 6 other girls! So this month’s box… I wasn’t as impressed as the last one, to be honest. One thing’s for sure, I am super happy to get the Realher’s Playbook eyeshadow palette I – Be your own kind of beauty. It was the highlight of the box for me. Realher’s no.1 Playbook eyeshadow palette, $28.00: You either get palette number 1, 2 or 3. The no.1 is a very neutral brown palette. It carries a lot of shimmer shadows and 2 satin finish (Strong & Smart). You can do a lot of smoky looks with this one. The pigmentation is ok …

boxycharm april 2017 ofra highlighter pur cosmetics

BOXYCHARM | April Edition 2017

Hello Friends, Here we are, another month has passed, and a brand new Boxycharm’s April edition arrived in my mailbox. This month’s theme is Boho Glow and it will definitely make you summer ready! Once you open it, first thing in the box (I assume everyone’s boxes are packed the same way) is Pür Cosmetics Blend Squad. It is a pack of 3 makeup sponges for blending your contour. I tried to wet one of them, it expanded to almost twice the size and it became very squishy but firm. It also has a slanted side which is convenient for blending out concealer under your eye, or it is also good for a “sharp” baking as well. Ofra Highlighter in the shade Rodeo Drive, full sized. It is pretty exciting to get this in the box. Especially since Ofra has been widely talked about these days! Of course, for this boho glow theme, the highlighter is a golden champagne colour. It goes well with any skintone. If you have slightly tanned skin, it would look stunning! Hairgurt by Project …

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Neon Yellow Green Minimal Line Nail Art | NOTD

It’s time for…. a NOTD post! Fall is almost here in 20 something days and, of course, we need a neon coloured nail art to complete the season before welcoming the warm brown, orange season! When it comes to neon colours, I really like to use black as an accent colour. The black brings out the brightness of the colour and it also makes a really nice defined contrast between both shades.

Elf Haul

My Spontaneous e.l.f. Haul: Brushes and More

When it comes to makeup (and many other things), cheaper is sometimes better, at least for your wallet. With so many beauty brands out there with so many different price ranges, it becomes a complicated task to choose what to buy from which company. I had never tried e.l.f. before but since I heard good things from them, I decided it was time to try out a few products. I was mostly curious about their brushes and when I found out the highlighter palette was 6$…I couldn’t resist! In the end, I got these:

Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm Review

Revive Your Natural Lips with Dior’s Addict Lip Glow?

Talking about magic, you all! Last month, I got this wonderful gift, something that I’ve never experienced before and never heard of before! This Dior Addict Lip Glow is very magical and I think it is worth to share with you what I have to say about this lipstick. The Dior Addict Lip Glow is a balm to hydrate your lips and revive your natural lip colour. The line comes in 2 shades, in sheer natural pink and sheer coral pink. The one I received is in sheer natural pink. When you apply it, it gives a very beautiful and natural shine.

Birthstone Beauty July Edition Ruby

Birthstone Beauty: July Edition

July’s birthstone is the ruby, and is said to guarantee many great things such as success in love. Maybe that’s why red is associated to love, and why red lips are so fascinating… More info about the gem here. Image from here. For this look I was inspired by 1950’s Hollywood glam, which is what a ruby makes me think of. I adapted the look to the season: dewey skin, matte eyeshadows, etc. Overall, it’s a minimalist look, with a strong focus on the ruby-coloured lips. It is very easy to recreate, and any woman, no matter her age, can pull off this look. I think every woman should focus on her most beautiful/favourite assets when doing her makeup. For this look, the lips are very bright, but the bold brows are also very present and the skin is very natural-looking. Eyes: After applying primer on my lids, I used MAC’ eyeshadow in “brulé” all over the lid.  I then applied different eyeshadows from Smashbox’s On the Rocks palette: “marzipan” as a highlight on the brow bone, …

Caudalie Skincare Obsession

Obsessed With: Caudalie!

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love wine? Especially when it takes care of your skin! This is exactly what Mathilde Thomas and her husband had in mind when they founded Caudalie, the cosmetics brand originating from Bordeaux, France. Born in a family that owns a vineyard, Mathilde quickly realized the rich potential of grapes. Together with Professor Vercauteren, one of the world’s specialists in polyphenols (the magic ingredient that is found in grape seeds), they formulated a few face creams that were initially sold in pharmacies in Bordeaux. They quickly set up their own team of researchers, in order to offer the best of what grapes have to offer. But why are grapes so special? They contain polyphenols, powerful anti-oxidants that act as amazing skin youth protectors. Grapes also contain resveratrol, a powerful anti-ageing agent, and viniferine, the most effective natural molecule that fights dark spots. The company’s ethics are also impeccable: in 2006, they removed parabens from all products, and they are also very committed to ecology. Read more about this here. With so many …