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8 Ways To Save Money On Makeup

Here are 8 ways you must know to save money on makeup at Sephora and on other makeup sites!

MAC Haul Must Haves Secrets Eyeshadow Palette Times 15 Studio Fix Foundation Face & Body Waterweight Prep+Prime lip primer Prolongwear lipliner

MAC Haul + Must Haves + Secrets

Hello lovelies! MAC is one of those makeup brands that makes great products in beautiful packaging and you simply can’t  buy anything if you enter the store. I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with a good share of MAC products throughout the past years, and there’s quite a few products that I like (a lot). As it happens, I needed to stock up on a few of my favourite items, so this post is not only a haul, but I’ll also reveal a few of my not-so-secret favourites from the Canadian brand, and a few secrets about my personal appreciation of the brand.

how to DIY Homemade Lipstick Palette Vueset

How to Make Your Own Lipstick Palette

Hi lovelies! Being a makeup addict or a freelance makeup artist (or both, like me!) is tough, not only on the wallet, but also on the space it requires. In fact, a big concern for us is “how do I fit ALL my makeup in a minimum of space?”. Well there are a few tips and tricks that have proven to be useful, and here is one: fit your plethora of lipsticks into a palette (or palettes hehe)!! Before buying an empty lipstick palette, I shopped online and found this one. Perfect size and reasonable price: I bought 3 of them! Then, when came the time to actually put my lipsticks in my new palettes, I wasn’t sure of the technique to use, and I stumbled upon this video, made by the respected Youtuber/makeup artist Wayne Goss:

Back To School Edition: Products for your Busy Mornings | YouTube Video

Hello fellow beauty addicts! In this video, we are introducing to you some useful products for back to school, because we know how hectic mornings can be. The products we introduce are good for a complete makeup look and they are also products that we absolutely love! We are not lying because you can see we hit pan on some of the products we’re showing! Hope you enjoy and let us know what are your favourite products to use on a busy morning! -xox- Products: – Total Face Palette Beautifully Bare by e.l.f. – Eyebrow editor in the shade Midnight Brown no.03 by Sephora – Classic Line Eyeliner feature 24HR liner by Sephora – NYX fan brush 06 – E.l.f all over face brush – 8 HR Mattifying Compact Foundation by Sephora in Linen – Bite Beauty lipstick: Café and Pepper – Blush: Desert Rose by MAC Cosmetics – Eyeshadow: Nylon eyeshadow by MAC Cosmetics – Mascara

Caudalie Skincare Obsession

Obsessed With: Caudalie!

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love wine? Especially when it takes care of your skin! This is exactly what Mathilde Thomas and her husband had in mind when they founded Caudalie, the cosmetics brand originating from Bordeaux, France. Born in a family that owns a vineyard, Mathilde quickly realized the rich potential of grapes. Together with Professor Vercauteren, one of the world’s specialists in polyphenols (the magic ingredient that is found in grape seeds), they formulated a few face creams that were initially sold in pharmacies in Bordeaux. They quickly set up their own team of researchers, in order to offer the best of what grapes have to offer. But why are grapes so special? They contain polyphenols, powerful anti-oxidants that act as amazing skin youth protectors. Grapes also contain resveratrol, a powerful anti-ageing agent, and viniferine, the most effective natural molecule that fights dark spots. The company’s ethics are also impeccable: in 2006, they removed parabens from all products, and they are also very committed to ecology. Read more about this here. With so many …

Birthstone Beauty June Alexandrite

Birthstone Beauty: June Edition

June is a special month because it has three birthstones: the pearl, the moonstone and the alexandrite. For this makeup look, I was mostly inspired by the alexandrite, a very rare gem that has a particular feature: it changes colour depending on the lighting, going from a bluish-green in daylight, to a purplish-red in incandescent light. More info here.   Image from here. For this makeup look, I decided to play with shimmery and metallic textures, and I used mostly bluish and purple tones. I love the combination of blue and purple on the eyes: it gives a summer vibe to the whole look.   Eyes: From Smashbox’s On The Rocks palette, I used the eyeshadows “Snow” all over the lid, “Peacock” in the center, and “Sapphires” in the outer corner and in the crease. I lined my lid with Sephora’s “matte turquoise” eye pencil. On the waterline is MakeUpForEver’s Lip Liner Concealer in “no 100”. I lined under the eyes using MakeUpForEver’s eyeshadow in “I-922” and Smashbox’s eyeshadow in “Lilac”. On the brow bone is Smashbox’s eyeshadow in …

Naturana Canada Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit review one piece 2016 beach outfit

My Beach Outfit ft. Naturana Canada Swimsuit | Review

Hello y’all, It is finally getting warmer and warmer and I am very excited for summer already, I am sure you are too! *Read till the end because we have a coupon code for you!! I just can’t wait to soak up the sun this summer! I recently received the Padded Wireless Tropical Flower Swimsuit from Naturana Canada by mail. I really LOVE the design of this suit! It is very cute and simple. I think the style is quite unique and you can’t find it at any store.